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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Enter to #w!n @YourKeyChains - Digital and engraved from Wholesale Keychains

Wholesale Keychain offers a wide selection of personalized keychains, both for retail and personal use. Keychains can be useful or decorative (or both!), and  y’all already know that I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts but throw in a personalized touch and I’m giddy with joy. Nothing I have no idea what it is about engraved gifts that make them all the more special -- the extra effort that went into it I suppose, doesn’t matter though…………I just love it; which is probably why when I start going down my gift giving list I always keep personalized gifts as an option.
I recently received two keychains from Wholesale Keychain.
The first was a Tao Digital Keychain which I had engraved with our family name on the back along with a reference I often say to Mr. UnFun. I like it a lot because it’s a low hassle plug and play device… favorite kind :) It worked immediately and transferring pictures was easy breezy.
When viewing the pictures on the Tao Digital Keychain, you can either scroll through them manually or set it to slideshow mode. It’s a very basic device and the resolution of the pictures is not very high quality, but you can still see a fairly decent picture on the screen. 
The keychain comes in several different colors, and has 8 MB of internal memory which can store up to 100 pictures, which would be perfect to carry at MUF’s family reunion in May…gotta show of my babies, or I would if little girl hadn’t snatched to load prom pics on; she’s clipped it to the buckle on her wheelchair.
I also got this Heart Keychain & Keyrings  - Broken Two Piece Love Charm so I get one half and MUF gets the other. My half has his name on it and his has mine…..yes, I’m corny like that too! It’s a nice hefty weight and the clasp is easy to attach to just about anything. I use mine more as a jewelry charm that hangs from my purse or sometimes my zipper. (I’m such a girl), Muf actually uses his as a keyring.
Wholesale Keychain has a HUGE selection and a keychain for just about everything under the sun….cars, sports, college, utilities, and even pepper spray. You can buy in bulk or individually and for a personalized gift you really cannot beat the price.
Buy it
Win it
The peeps over at Wholesale Keychain have generously offered one lucky Lucy a personalized Tao Digital Keychain just like mine.

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Good Luck!

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Suzanne said...

I like the green!

Rafflecopter: moosgoos99 at aol dot com

Terra H. said...

I'd choose pink. Thanks.

Michele Vickery said...

Since pink is my favorite color that's the one I would pick. Thanks for another giveaway!

Michele Vickery said...

Networked Blog didn't have a extra info box for user name...Michele Silvia-Vickery

Marisa M said...

I'd choose the green.
madmegid at yahoo dot com

Shelly Peterson said...

I like the purple one

rj7777 said...

I like the pink color. Rita Spratlen

rj7777 said...

network blogs follower- Rita Spratlen
button is at
I blogged about this giveaway at

tjmetz said...

I'd choose pink!

Darcy said...

I love the blue one. Thank you for the chance!

sandy1955 said...

I would choose black

Sandy VanHoey

Finamoon said...

I love purple!

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...


Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Network blogger did not have a box
seyma shabbir

Brutus Duffy said...

I like the red one. Thanks!
fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

Brutus Duffy said...

Follow you thru Networked Blogs
Brutus Duffy

CAJUNMAN12 said...

I would like Black Digital Photo Keychain & Keyring - 1.5 inch

Gianna said...

I like the silver keychain.

Michele P. said...

I like the green one!

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