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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Low cost unique homemade gift idea - Tin cake

I put this up last year and was reminded last week that I was going to share again.
It's an easy homemade gift idea that's unique & cost just a few dollars. I make them for teachers, bus drivers, and neighbors :0)
All you'll need:
1 cake mix  (makes 2 tins)
Large sized Holiday tin (mine were 2 for a dollar at Dollar General)
Frosting (I used the extra large tub and frosted 3 cakes)
and a bow
mix cake according to instructions
grease or spray tin and then fill about 1/2 full (half the batter)
bake 375 until cooked through, allow to completely cool
Frost and sprinkle
Put the lid on and top with a bow
Hide the wrappers and claim the fame :0)

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