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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Home Security: Nashville Edition

Of all of Tennessee’s major cities, Nashville’s violent crime rate has risen the least (only 13.5% higher than 2011, whereas Murfreesboro’s has risen 25%). What matters, though is not the rate at which the instances of violent crime have risen but that they happen at all.

Preventing violent crime can often feel like a crapshoot. Still, there are things that you can do to reduce your chances of being victimized by criminals:

1. Learn some basic self defense
2. Carry pepper spray with you (learn how to use it properly)
3. Do not walk alone at night or in areas of low traffic or that are poorly lit.
4. Carry a (really REALLY) loud noisemaker that’s easy to operate. If someone comes at you, use it to get the attention of people nearby.
5. Keep the doors to your vehicle locked—even when you are in it.

It isn’t just your person that you need to protect from violent crime. You also need to protect your home. Luckily there have been quite a few fantastic advancements in home security Nashville residents take note:

1. Video surveillance has become easier than ever thanks to wireless internet and webcams.
2. Choose a system that will send an alert to your smart phone whenever a sensor is activated (these systems utilize video and the alert will take you straight to the cameras closest to the activated sensor).
3. Go with a security system that is automated. You know how you can activate your car’s locks with the push of a button on a key fob? That same technology can now be used on your home’s doors and windows. Take advantage of that!
4. There are systems that will automatically alert the local authorities in the event that a code doesn’t get pushed into the system after a sensor has been activated. This way, in the event that you are unable to call them yourself, the system will do it for you.
5. If you have pets, there are systems that are now able to tell the difference between pet motions, noises and pressures and those of someone breaking in. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by choosing one of these systems so that your cat doesn’t accidentally set it off when she gets rambunctious during the night.

In addition to taking measures to improve their home security Nashville residents can help to drastically reduce their city’s violent crime rate in a variety of other ways.

Form a neighborhood watch program with your neighbors. Neighborhoods with watch programs see a lower crime rate because the criminals who are scoping out the area will see that there are people patrolling it regularly, lowering their chances of being able to get in and out without being detected.

Neighborhood watch programs also improve relationships between individual residents and the law officers assigned to that area’s patrol beat. A trust is built, which means that the residents feel more comfortable calling when they notice something going awry. The officers learn to trust residents’ judgments and respond to the calls more quickly and are better able to effectively patrol the area.
Just think, if everybody in Nashville took advantage of these tips, maybe they can help decrease the crime rate. That would be a nice change.

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Vicky said...

Thanks for the tips! I really love #5-about locking the car doors, when you're in it. When my dad was teaching me to drive, he always told me to lock the car doors as soon as I got in. I hear his advice every time I get into my car :)

Daisy B said...

I ALWAYS lock my car doors as soon as I am in the car. My husband asked why I always do that and I told him because you are supposed to! I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one. :)

Autumn Blues Reviews said...

Thank you for the tips. I have one of those loud noisemakers, it has a pin in it you pull to attract attention. It is a noisy little bugger. If only I can remember to find it and take it along when I go out. I used to keep it in my purse but my kids used to play with it and so I removed it. This post is a great reminder. I will have to dig it out of storage.

Pam said...

I always keep some Pepper Spray on my keychain just in case. Those are good tips! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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