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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Guide: There's still time to get it by Christmas with @cafepress

I participated in the campaign on behalf of CaféPress, I received a thank you gift for my participation. However, my experience and opinions are my own.
You already know that I’m partial to CaféPress.…..they have a little bit of something for everyone (in case you wanted to get me know my personal faves, vintage housewife or snarky tees, clocks and cups) and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always create it.
I’m usually much more organized and have my gift buying for Christmas all but done. However, this year my PhD pursuit has delayed the start of my holiday spirit.
With a long list of  in-laws, the kids and my husband all left to shop for, I was sorta feeling overwhelmed, but while browsing all the cool personalized Christmas gifts at CafePress - tee-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs, hats, coasters, stationary, clocks, wall art, golf balls...all these hundreds of ready to go items that I can take as is or add a personal touch, have finally got me warming up to the gift giving portion of the season!
I had forgotten about all the unique ornaments for Christmas that CafePress carries. Last year we gave some really neat ones to the special education teachers. 
This year, I opted for a few personalized items for Mr. UnFun, which are not only very cool, but just as fun to create. 
Sadly, my husband's mother passed away a few years before I had even met him. I didn't know her, but the respect and admiration my husband's voice carries when he speaks of her, tells me that he and she were probably very also tells me that he still misses her. This year I knew that somehow I wanted to incorporate her memory into his gifts. Knowing how he likes to store and protect those items that he cherishes, I couldn't just ask him to pull out his family album and allow me to start scanning her pictures. He'd catch on for sure. With a little help from my father and sister in-law, I managed to sneak a few of the pictures in existence into my digital collection. CafePress' personalized gift options allowed me to create some very lovely items with them and still keep my pocketbook in tact!
I also customized some "super hero" underwear and some golf balls for his stocking. With the deliver by Christmas guarantee, I've been bailed out once again by CaféPress I'm all set! No wonder that I’ve deemed them my one stop Christmas (or anytime) shop! You've still got time to get it by Christmas if you order today!
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Krystal said...

I love personalized gifts, I think they have so much more meaning. I love that they have such a huge variety of funny and cute items too.

Show Me Mama said...

I think personalized gifts are the best ever. They make it unique and it means a lot to the person you are giving it too. I love it. Thanks for sharing1

Autumn Blues Reviews said...

These are awesome! Love the vintage ornament above, it is so funny. The holidays are so hard on us when we have loved ones who have crossed over. I lost my father over 15 years ago now and my hubby lost both is parents since we married. We both miss them dearly. Just know that on those days when you remember them during the holidays season it's because their souls are right there with you.

Katie McCurdy said...

Neat gift ideas! Very thorough and fun post, thanks for the recommendations :-)

Sandra VanHoey said...

Nothing beats personalized gifts and something to cherish forever.

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