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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Create her personalized look for Valentine's Day with @EyedollChatter

This post was written on behalf of EyeDoll Chatter, I received the item discussed in order to facilitate the review process. No other compensation was received. All the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only, based on my experience with the brand.

When Ms. Ma’am was younger she used to get into my box of discarded makeup ….you know the one? The box filled with the wrong color of eye shadow, the half used powder, and the maybe I’ll use it someday box? I’m pretty sure we have one. Makeup is expensive and I just can’t bring myself to throw it away, so my box would become little girl’s “dress me up glamour style” play day.
She happily mixes the different colors aspiring to create just the right shade of princess purple and Marilyn Monroe red. She actually has a touch of a makeup artist’s flare, but I finally did have to draw the line when she found her way into my everyday cosmetic bag…my everyday shimmered brown had been turned into a matted purplish-black and my marvelous mauve lipstick was nothing short of a shiny hue of unidentifiable.  
I started buying her, her own dollar store variety of makeup and keeping my own stash, out of sight out of mind. Her less expensive collection is fine for playing dress up, but isn’t really suitable for ever leaving the house. I’ve gotten her lighter colors and have tried to do my best at forecasting what one shade might look like when blended with the other, but grownup makeup in her creative hands somehow has never blended well on her fair complexion and she always ends up looking like it’s time to grab a bag and flashlight before heading out for a long night of trick or treating. So her glamor days have been far less frequent.
 When I first saw the EyeDoll Chatter line, I almost didn’t get it. I didn’t want to add to her blend of cosmetic creations, but knowing I can’t hide makeup from her forever and that she really would need some practice (with moderation), I went back for a second look at EyeDoll’s unique makeup kits and knew it would be a little girl mix-your-magic-match.
 EyeDoll makeup is especially designed for mixing color and scent and are actually a perfect way for introducing makeup to our very curious girls and trendy enough for tweens and teens. She recently received the Kit Full of Kisses flavored lip gloss kit and has been perfecting her new look with colors that are divinely devilish (red), midnight magic (a deep purple), and little beast (pink), and flavoring them up with root beer, chocolate, and raspberry. Because these kits are designed for mixing and matching, I don’t have to worry about little girl ending up looking like an over made up pinup….she can create until her heart’s desire and because the colors aren’t overbearing (even when mixed), we can actually leave the house without having to scrub her down.
 There are directions on the inside of the closure, but she’s not big on directions (she’d rather just mix it up), but did rather enjoy the “how to” videos on the EyeDoll Chatter website and wants to get all of her friends EyeDoll for Valentine’s Day so that they can share their cosmetic creations with each other using the Eyedoll app, but for now she’s happy to share her own look ;0)
 We started with the lip gloss and will probably be getting little girl’s friends a few of these in the new Minis for Valentine’s Day, but now that I know the deets little girl has got her eyes set on the scented eye shadow and scented face shimmers (I kinda want to try these for myself).
EyeDoll Chatter’s line is truly unique and nothing short of pure genius as far as Ms. Ma’am is concerned, but the all-natural mineral base aspect of these lessons my concern of Ms. Ma’am delving into the grownup world of makeup so now she gets to mix it up, I get to keep my own cosmetic bag intact, and with prices starting at just $4 my pocketbook stays in check too!
 For more deets, check out EyeDoll Chatter  online, on Facebook, and on Twitter
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Minta's Creations said...

Wow! these do sound really affordable for the mom's with little girls. They are very pretty colors also! Loved the review made me want to try some even though I'm an adult.

Krystal said...

That's a really neat idea. I love the different flavors and shades that can be mixed with each other. Great for young girls, and even older ones too!

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