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Saturday, January 11, 2014

@DormCo everything under the dorm roof!

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While I’ve shared a number of time, probably to the point that you are numb from hearing about it, my son is a senior this year. While this is an exciting time for him and I truly am proud of his accomplishments it does come with the financial realities that this year fall brings with it the start of the next chapter in his young life…
What I may have forgotten to mention during my man-child brag fest is that we also a niece and a nephew in college that we are rather partial to. Regardless of whose favorite is whose, the fact of the matter is that keeping dorm life comfortable has taken a village and more than a couple of hits on our pocketbooks. So with the man-child all, but packed and ready to go we are going to have to be a bit more strategic in how we keep the comforts of home comfortable for everyone.
In the spirit of being proactive I have been on the hunt for dorm coziness that is affordable, unfortunately in my pre-emptive stockpiling some of the goods have not been so great, but I’ve found a new little spark of hope and a BIG chunk of dorm room savings that appears to be the one-stop shop dorm room superstore. They literally have everything; rugs, silverware, trunks, laundry baskets, hygiene caddies, lounge chairs, bed liners and not to mention all those all those little things that you don’t think of until you get to campus along with all the extras that make living in a compact space a little easier.
The DormCo has everything under the dorm roof! I love the DormCo mantra “Just because college tuition and textbooks cost an arm and a leg, it doesn't mean that your dorm supplies should too.”
Clearly they get that there is A LOT to getting ready (read: for mom to do) and staying comfortable. I’ve already taken a look at the pricing and am ready to check the quality…..We’ll be visiting my husband’s niece at the dorms for her birthday and we’ll be surprising her with a new comforter set from the DormCo.
I’m just not sure which....
The Urban Plaid comforter set 
or the Sophie Briar

both are a great deal and have a touch of her style. I actually like them both, one says feminine and soft, the other says happy and bright.
Do y’all have a preference?

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Daisy B said...

I love the trendy dorm supplies that they have, especially the bedding. I want the Sophie Bar set!

Autumn Blues Reviews said...

DormCo is new me and it looks like they have a wide variety of dorm stuff. My son has a few years yet before college. I am sure when that time comes it will be quit an adventure. I really enjoy shopping for dorm supplies. Love the pink trunk!

Monique said...

I like the first comforter set, but that trunk is beautiful!!!

Nicole Sanford said...

My step-son will be in college next year and I've been wondering how to prepare for this big step. I've never heard of DormCo until now. I'm all about making things easy, so I'm grateful you shared this insight. Thanks a million!

Amy said...

I love the Sophie Briar. Its so beautiful! Thankfully I have a few years before we have to worry about dorm life!

Minta's Creations said...

I too love the first pic and I love the pink trunk! My son is still in jr high and well, for now I don't think I want to think about college life or I will start the water works. But when the time arrives love knowing about DormCo. Thanks so much for sharing!

Krystal said...

I love DormCo, they have so much cute stuff. I think I would go with the Sophie Briar set, because I like the flowers.

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