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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lifetstyle @SinCareBeauty is the other half of anti-aging - What's your sin?

This post was written on behalf of Sin-Care, I received the review item in order to facilitate the review process. No other compensation was received. All the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only, based on my experience with the brand.
Okay, so y’all already know that I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions….I don’t need a reminder of failed attempts, say if the sky falls in on me (this is me we’re talking about, so it could happen), I gain 15 pounds, change my mind about growing my hair out, resolve to save money and then 3 months later I'm right where I was to begin with. HOWEVER, I’m totally okay with new beginnings, fresh starts, trying new things and all that jazz and “do-overs.”
My skin for example is one do over that I’d gladly take right about now! Y’all my skin is so ready for a good dose of some sunny vitamin D! I know that the winter hasn’t helped the layer of dull, pasty, and very pale layers that are trying to make themselves at home on my face, but unfortunately old-man winter isn’t all to blame for the crimes committed against my skin.
It’s easy to blame sliding jowls on yet another looming birthday, but that’s really only half the story. Sure a few fine lines are just part of the process, but let’s face it we are all unintentionally a little mean to our skin; staying up too late, having a little too much vino, or enjoying the outdoors a bit too much. There are a number of lifestyle sins that we all can probably can claim one or two of. I know that I personally can claim at least three.
What are some lifestyle sin against the skin?
SIN #1 Smoking  - I used to be guilty of this sin and even though I quit years ago, I’m sure that the tell-tell signs are still there
SIN #2 Sun Damage – I still remember my mama basting herself with baby oil as she fried out in the sun….at least I always thought myself far too precious to sweat, so over exposure to the sun is actually not a sin I’m guilty of
SIN #3 High Sugar Diet – My biggest sin of them all.
SIN #4 Stress – Or maybe stress is my biggest sin-care sin? Seriously, there are days that I’d swear that stress was my first, middle and last name.
SIN #5 Fatigue/Lack of Sleep – Oh how I miss sleep!
SIN #6 Sports Fatigue – Yes ladies, that workout can rob your skin of hydration, vitamins and other precious minerals.
SIN # 7 Time Poor – I think a lot of us can relate to not having enough time to dedicate to a consistent skincare regimens. It’s oh so easy to get into an “ignore my skin” rut.
SIN # 8 Smog/City Living – Even small towns have smog.
Maybe it’s the pending birthday or maybe it’s just me not wanting to fail miserably at this aging gracefully thing, but I have been looking into several different skincare lines. Among them is Sin-Care. Sin-Care is a skincare line with the genius insight that gets that not all aging is biological. Sin-Care are serums that are specifically customized to combat the causes of aging that are lifestyle related.

Sin-Care creator Kimberley Pearson says “The formulators of even the most expensive creams do not know if you are a smoker, if you are going through a divorce, if you run every day or if you are a new mother not getting enough sleep.”
She definitely has a point and I would add that they also don’t know that cheesecake is a primary breakfast food and ice cream is a side dish…well, at least for me they are. I honestly cannot tell you the last time that I took a pass on baked goods.
Y’all I cannot tell you the turmoil I experienced when I gave up sweets because of the damage they cause to the skin. Seriously, it was the longest three days of my life. I admit it. I’m weak. I just couldn’t hang, because baked goods, at times have been my only source of nutrition. Go ahead, judge if you must, but these birthdays just keep coming and there is just no way that I can do this not so graceful slide without chocolate. So the notion that I can have my birthday cake and good skin too is really good news. 

I’ve been dabbling a little (or a lot) with some different regimens and I have to say that so far, the Sugar Hit serum is my favorite during the day. While it can probably be used at bedtime too, it’s not quite heavy enough for my nighttime needs. I tend to get really dehydrated overnight, which is probably just another perk of the adrenal failure incident – been like the Sahara ever since and have required an ultra-heavy nighttime moisturizer. Even though Sugar Hit isn’t enough for my nighttime necessities, it’s perfect for my daytime use. It’s not too light and not at all heavy, seems to keep my skin well hydrated (even against the winter nasty), and protects my skin with antioxidants, vitamins and sugar fighting anti-stress ingredients. Normally around this time of year, I’ve had to up my regular skin peels because the fudge pie induced dullness and chocolate Santa bar prompted breakouts have me looking like that lone glazed doughnut that was forgotten at the office party.

I’ve only been using the Sugar Hit serum for a few weeks and I don’t see any big dramatic change, but that’s kind of the point, right? The way I pack away holiday cookies, I should have crawled into the New Year with sugar filled eye luggage. The fact that I don’t have cocoa crusted nasolabial folds can only be attributed to the daily use of Sugar Hit serum.
Aging is an inevitably, but protecting my skin from lifestyle influences that I may or may not have control over can make the slide a little more supple.
Sin-Care has a serum for the top sins against the skin -
SIN # 1 SMOKER'S SECRET™ is for smokers and those exposed to a smoky environment and targets skin damaged caused by smoking, detoxifies and fights wrinkles.
SIN # 2 SUN GODDESS™ is for those former Sun Goddesses and those exposed to incidental sun damage. It targets skin damage caused by the sun, stimulates collagen production and fights wrinkles.
SIN # 3 SUGAR HIT™ is for my sisters by sugar addiction! We’re chocoholics and vino (or cocktails if you prefer) connoisseurs. Sugar Hit targets skin aging caused by a high sugar diet and with holiday sugar and carbohydrate binges. It supports the skin with a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-stress ingredients.
SIN # 4 Relaxation Sensation™ is for those of us who are experiencing a period of stress – whether going through a divorce or separation, moving house or stressful work circumstances or similar.
SIN # 5 Sleep Doctor™ for insomniacs, shift workers, students (shout out to my fellow mid-life return to school peeps, call me, I’m sure I’ll be up), new mothers and club-goers. The sleep doc contains radiance stimulating, line fighting, and moisturizing ingredients.
SIN # 6. Skin Coach™ assists athletes and exercise addicts. Replenishes the skin after sport and helps to fight wrinkles.
SIN # 7Line Rewind™ assists the time poor and those who have not had time to look after their skin, by targeting fine lines and wrinkles and promotes radiance.
SIN # 8 URBAN RENEWAL™ Protects skin from smog/pollution and city living Protects the skin from the city environment and stimulates oxygen consumption
As I said, I plead guilty to more than just one sin against the skin, so when making the decision of which serum to use I picked the one that I felt I had the least amount of self-control over. I may call the Sleep Doctor when I get to the last leg of dissertation, but right now chocolate is what keeps me going ;0)
What’s your lifestyle sin against your skin?

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Tomi Clark said...

Ok, first things first, LOVE the product names. I would oh so be a great candidate for the Sugar Hit. Thanks for sharing. Off to visit their website.

Melissa Mellie said...
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Krystal said...

I love how all of their products are targeted for different skin care "sins". I think I am guilty of too many of these sins just to pick one though! My worst skin sins are tanning too much and not getting enough sleep.

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