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Friday, January 10, 2014

Solutions for comatose sleepers - @amplicomusa vibrating (and more) TCL 200 alarm clock

This post was written on behalf of Amplicom, I received the review item in order to facilitate the review process. No other compensation was received. All the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only, based on my experience with the brand.
When I was a kid, my sister and I from start to finish got ourselves ready for school every morning. We got up, showered, dress, made our own breakfast, straightened our bedrooms, packed our lunches, got our backpacks ready to go, grabbed our coats or whatever weather appropriate attire we needed and walked to school.
As I look back, I’m not sure how it was even possible. When I think of my sister getting up in the mornings, it reminds me of a scene from one of my daughter’s favorite movies. It’s one of those shows with an over achieving mom and an angry adolescent daughter who is going through the process that we all go through… know the one, I know what’s best for me and everything in the world should go according to my plans.
Getting the daughter out of bed every morning was like raising the deceased. The mom would use every ounce of strength she could muster, grab her daughter by the ankles and pull her entire body up from the bed. This of course, all while the daughter, face down, eyes squeezed shut, gripped the bars of her headboard and resisted in toddler type fashion.
It’s a joke now, between my sister and me, but as our children entered adolescence we soon discovered that perhaps my sister’s intense opposition to leaving the comfort of her bed might be a trait of heredity. My son was first. I’m not exactly a morning person and don’t jump from the bed seconds before the alarm goes off, but I do manage to gather the will needed to rise from the sanctity of my beloved slumber. Waking up is not entirely dreaded, but I admit it’s a little on the rough side. Though, once I’m up and moving I’m always glad to have started my day a little on the early side, but once my son hit high school and the headboard battle began, mornings had become the most dreaded part of my day. His diehard fashion of waking up may well have resulted in my own breaking point, but thankfully a light bulb somewhere earlier this year switched on and he shook the comatose rising.
The responsibilities of adulthood have long since made my sister an easier riser, her daughter; my dear sweet niece on the other hand has turned into a junior high drama queen that sleeps like a spell-cast fairytale princess that even a prince charming would fear to approach. It’s become a serious source of contention between my sister and her daughter – they have become the movie reel of mom-daughter rivalries and morning square-offs. While I completely feel my sister’s frustration and would dearly love to fly across country each morning a help my sister with the energy zapping ankle grab, it’s not very realistic….besides, for a petite little bit of almost nothing my niece is one tough cookie, I’m certain she’d flatten me if I dare crossover into her royal path of sedated bliss.
Just so ya know...this little red thing has to be removed from the disc or it won't work. Lol....I'm not such a fast learner and thought mine was broken because I couldn't get it to turn on. Quick fix :0)
When my sister and I discussed the “do-overs” and fresh starts of the New Year, she like me agreed that resolutions are not needed to make positive changes, but she did wish that the beauty queen would make a resolution (or even try)to not slumber as deep and let her alarm clock act on behalf of prince charming’s kiss……ummm, yea, like that’s gonna happen. Though, from experience I do think she’ll outgrow it or at least be a little easier to get out of bed. not the best or longest video ever (my phone wouldn't let me send a larger one, but you still get a glimpse of the vibrating disc and the alarm on low.
Until then, their morning arguments have clearly turned into an all-day source of conflict so when I first saw the TCL 200 alarm clock from Amplicom, I honestly only considered sending it to my sister as a joke….I thought she might tease (or torture) my niece, but would still get a giggle from it or at least I would ;0)
The TCL 200 clock is an amplified alarm clock that comes with a wireless vibrating shaker pad (I call it a disc) that can be slid into a pillow case so that it literally shakes the comatose sleeper awake. The clock portion of this duo announces the time and date in five selectable languages.

Unpacking the box contents…..
  •     1 TCL 200
  •     1 AC adapter
  •     1 Cordless vibrating pad (the thing I call the disc)
  •     1 Charging cable for vibrating pad
  •     1 Telephone connector cable
  •     1 User guide
It can also be used as a standard alarm clock (with or without the shaker pad or both the pad and the alarm), but the vibrating disc (Shaker pad)is way more fun. In addition it has the unique option of being plugged into your landline phone and signals when you’ve got an incoming call…..I forgot to turn the volume down (every feature can be as blaring loud as you want) and then forgot that I had plugged my phone into the unit and about jumped out of my skin the first time my phone rang ( just try and sleep through that my adolescent drama queen ).
Back of the alarm clock unit
The fun features of this little find are:
  • Adjustable volume and tone controls  - Again, as loud or as low as you want it
  • Wireless bed shaker with 300 feet range – Lol…no need to be in the same room with your victim heavy sleeper
  • Easy-to-read illuminated digital clock face – This is self-explanatory, but it’s very easy to see in the dark.
  • Five different alarm patterns – Pick your fave or the most annoying – whatever works!
  • Bright flashing LED light – Great for dark room sleepers, nothing says wake up like loud and flashing!
  • Snooze button with delay (0, 5, or 15 minutes)  - I’m a total snoozer and feel cheated with a snooze button, this one lets you decide how long that extra snooze will be and wakes you up in the same manner – either loud and buzzing or like a standard alarm clock; you decide.
  • Dual alarm setting – Yes, you can harass 2 people or the same person twice :0)
  • Set alarms for waking up daily, weekdays only, or weekends only – no need to set it every day because it stays set for the days you tell it to!
  • Battery backup – Perfect for peeps like me who ALWAYS accidentally unplug things they didn’t mean to.
  • Announces the time and alarm time in 5 selectable languages (English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian)
  • Alarm time displayed at the press of a button - I like to push the button just to hear it talk ;0)

Vibrating pad (disc thingy) - the green light means that is turned on and ready for action
As I said, I initially thought the Amplicom TCL would be a fun way for my sister to breakup the monotony or at least an interesting conversation piece for my sister’s lack of a prince charming, but it’s actually a useful little system that I wished I had during my own son’s states of unconsciousness. I haven’t sent it to my sister yet, because in all honesty after setting it up and giving it a trial run, I myself have been grateful to have it, because I have needed after a few late nights of working on my research (can you say completely zonked out). Lol, she may get it once I’ve finished dissertation, but seriously I NEED IT! Hey...I already had my time waiting it out for the man-child to lose his morning hibernation.
BUT....I just may have to break my golden rule of no resolutions and resolve to get another one for her, but for now it’s quite at home on my side of the bed and (under my pillow). Though, I do have plans for the vibrating disc on a night when my husband is falling asleep on the couch completely absorbed in a football game (shhhh....)
What tricks do you use for the heavy sleeper in your life?
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Show Me Mama said...

What a great little gadget. My friend definitely can use it, because she always wakes up late to get to work. Thanks for sharing such a cool gadget.

Autumn Blues Reviews said...

This is an interesting product. Something I needed growing up and still need now. I get really cranky is woken up suddenly. I would keep it, let her by her own. I love the title of your post. lol

Nicole Sanford said...

That was a great article. You certainly gave me a few laughs. Love the vibrating addition. I actually wear a fitbit band that wakes me with vibration. This would certainly be a good thing to tell my Mom about. She's hard of hearing and takes sleeping pills. It's almost impossible to wake her up in the morning. Thanks for the info!

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